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Multimode Duplex SC ST Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Multimode Duplex SC ST Fiber Optic Patch Cable

We supply SC ST duplex multimode fiber optic patch cables, these cables are with typical 50/125 and 62.5/125 optional multimode fiber, the cable diameter is 2mm or 3mm. our duplex multimode ST SC fiber patch cables are compliant to industrial and international standards, they feature the good quality, good looking, competitive prices and fast delivery.

The SC fiber optic cable is with the Subscription Channel fiber connector. SC is one of the most popular used fiber cables in the world. SC was invented by NTT Japan; it is known for the locking mechanism which gives an audible click when pushed in or pulled out. SC is with plastic body and ceramic ferrule. SC fiber optic cable has single mode and multimode versions; there is Single mode SC UPC, Single mode SC APC and multimode SC UPC types. SC fiber optic connectors comply with IEC 61 754-4 & TIA/EIA 604-3-A standards.

ST is one of the most widely used fiber optic cable currently. ST features the bayonet style metal hosing and a long spring loaded ceramic ferrule. ST fiber optic cable connectors comply with IEC 61754-2 & CECC 86 115-801 standards. ST fiber cable is low insertion loss and return loss and back reflection. It is high precision alignment connector used in LANs, data processing networks and premise installations.

Multimode duplex SC ST fiber optic patch cable applications:
Active device termination
Test equipment
Telecommunication networks
Local Area Networks (LANs)
Data processing networks
Premise installations
Wide Area Networks (WANs)
Industrial, medical & military

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